District Board


Standing left to right : Don Hoye, Eric Eagan, Robert Jackson Jr. and Harry Meyer             Seated left to right: Steve Craig, Phil Dean, Frank Romeo, Gary McConnell and Jack Nixon

Board of Directors

Chairman, Gary McConnell, Vice-Chairman, Eric Eagan, Secretary, Don Hoye Jr., Treasurer, Robert Jackson, Frank Romeo, Phillip Dean, Dan Vogler, County Commissioner

Associate Directors

 Harry Meyer

Responsibility of the District Board of Directors

The District Board of Directors must be knowledgeable concerning local environmental problems, monitor conservation planning, promote compliance with environmental regulations, assign program priorities, supervise district staff, lobby for needed assistance, and coordinate activities of outside agencies with district projects.

More specifically, it is the district directors’ responsibility to plan and direct the district program, guide the district’s professional staff, coordinate the help of governing agencies, and serve as a community clearinghouse for information services and environmental program assistance. District directors are volunteers from all walks of life who understand their county’s unique natural features and concerns. They are leaders, decision makers, spokespersons, salespersons, and fellow district board members rely on them to be an active member of the team to represent people from the county as board decisions are made.

The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of the month at noon.