District Staff

Jo Ann McCready, District Manager

Jo Ann began working for the Lawrence County Conservation District in 1990 as an Erosion and Sedimentation Prevention Technician and was promoted to District Manager in 1991. Jo Ann oversees the daily operations of the District and supervises the staff. She develops the budget and works with the Board of Directors to develop and carry out the District’s Annual, Strategic, and Long Range Plans. Jo Ann works with local, state, and federal legislators on issues relating to natural resources and has developed positive working relationships with them and their staffs. She is in constant contact with other local, state, and federal natural resource agencies and keeps up to date on their activities in Lawrence County. Jo Ann serves on the legislative committee for the PA Association of Conservation Districts, is the treasurer for the Penn Soil RC&D Council . She has served with several watershed, source water, abandoned mine reclamation, education, revitalization, and trail organizations. Jo Ann is deeply involved in environmental education and is responsible for the concept and development of the West Park Nature Center.

Becca Naber, District Technician

The District Technician is responsible for the administration of the District’s PA Code Title 25 Chapter 102 Program as delegated from the Department of Environmental Protection. Duties include technical assistance to applicants, permitting, compliance inspection and enforcement. The program includes NPDES permitting for storm water discharges associated with construction activities, compliant inspection, and assistance to the Department of Environmental Protection. In addition to regulatory programs, the Technician provides assistance and project management for the Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance of Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Roads Program jointly delegated to the District through both the State Conservation Commission and Penn State’s Center for Dirt and Gravel Roads. The Dirt and Gravel Road program provides funding and technical assistance to the County’s municipalities. An emphasis is placed on sustainable management of the road surface, road runoff and drainage outlets.  In addition, the Technician provides educational assistance and functions as the liaison to cooperating State and Federal Agencies.

Travis Gates, Agricultural Conservation Technician

The Lawrence County Conservation District welcomed a new Agricultural Conservation Technician to the staff in 2016. Travis is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh joined the District in August. He has attended several state trainings and has earned his certification in the Nutrient Management Program and is training in Conservation Planning. Travis will be overseeing construction of Ag Best Management Practices through our grants and assisting ag producers with nutrient management.

Mary Burris, Watershed Specialist

The Lawrence County Conservation District welcomed a new Watershed Specialist to the staff in 2017. Mary Burris is a graduate of Penn State and Chatham Universities and she will be taking over the administration of the Sugar and Honey Creek, Slippery Rock Creek and McKee Run Watershed Restoration Project grants as well as the District’s Environmental Education Program.